Tips to Make Unpacking During a Move Less Stressful.

Tips to Make Unpacking During a Move Less Stressful.

There’s no denying that moving house is an extremely stressful time. Often we focus so much of our attention on the initial packing and the physical move that we forget about another stressor: the unpacking. There is, however, ways you can organise yourself so that the unpacking stage goes a lot more smoothly.

Be mindful of the unpack

Many people jump into packing without a clear plan. You may start with the more delicate pieces or focus on just getting it done as soon as possible so you pack whatever is in front of you. This is not the way to pack! You should pack up your belongings by being attentive to what you would want to unpack first. What are you going to need first? What’s easiest to start putting up at your new home first? This should be your guide.

Labelling boxes

This is an obvious one that everyone says they’ll do but as you start to fill box after box the labels tend to become vaguer, such as “bathroom” or “lounge room”. Make a clear note on each box as to the contents so that you know exactly where in that room that will be going to and, therefore, which boxes in each room that you need to open and put away first.

Map your furniture

Don’t wait until you arrive at the new house with your furniture to decide where everything will go. Sounds obvious, but we do tend to want to see how it’s going to look when it gets to the new property and this can cause massive headaches. Measure out the room instead and map out where everything is going to go. Once the removalists arrive with your furniture, they simply have to place it where you’ve laid it out to go and you’re ready to go!

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