Three Steps to Making a Move Positive for Kids

Three Steps to Making a Move Positive for Kids

All children cope with moving house differently, some find it exciting while others struggle with the adjustment. As parents, there are ways you can help making moving fun, and the adjustment a positive one.

  1. Have a Conversation

It’s important to speak with your child about the reasons for the move, and ensure it’s done in a positive manner. Children interpret the world very differently to adults and moving can even be traumatic for kids who don’t cope well with change. Be open about it but avoid involving kids in any adult issues related to the move.

  1. Get Excited

On the days leading up to the move, start getting your children pumped for move day. Emphasise how exciting it will be to have a new bedroom, a new backyard and whatever other cool features they will enjoy in the new place. If you’re moving to a place with a pool, your little ones shouldn’t need too much to get them excited about it!

  1. Plan Activities for Move Day

The kids should be involved in the packing, sorting and cleaning during move day (where appropriate for their age), but don’t forget, they are still kids and will likely get bored and grumpy. Tantrums will only interfere with your already busy day so it’s a good idea to plan some other things to keep the kids occupied. Pack a bag for each child with some snacks, a drink bottle, colouring supplies and toys.

  1. Allow Them to Decorate Their Own Rooms

Make the move fun and exciting for your little ones by letting them decorate their own rooms. Have them choose a few little things they can have once you’ve moved in to decorate and personalise their space.

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