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Storage Solutions

Everyone is different, for this reason we have storage options to suit individual needs. We have provision for storage for any length of time and all fees are inclusive of insurance. 

A variety of items can be stored and this includes vehicles, boats, caravans, general household goods and effects and workshop items. As we own our storage facilities we are able to maintain a high operating standard and further to this have built a plant nursery to accommodate the increasing need for outdoor plants.

Our prices are volume based so you only pay for the actual volume of goods being stored, while access to your goods can be arrange with prior notice. The typical process for storage is the following;

  • Goods are packed and uplifted from residence. A complete inventory is completed prior to uplift, with a copy retained by the client.
  • Goods are placed into storage with all fabric-based items (beds, couches, etc) placed in plastic bags.
  • Once you are ready for the goods we will then unstow and re-deliver the goods to the nominated delivery address. The inventory is checked by both the client and our staff to ensure that the goods are in the original condition.

As relocating home can be a very stressful time, we have in place a number of systems to manage this stress. Our systems have been developed to provide appropriate options for clients that will ensure a smooth transition to the new residence.