What You Need to Know About Moving House with Pets

What You Need to Know About Moving House with Pets

Moving house is a stressful time and it comes with a great deal of change. Whilst we as humans are affected by this upheaval, so too are our furry friends. Here’s some tips for moving house with dogs.

Vet checks

Before you move your pet, it’s important to get your dog to the vets to make sure their physical health is good and to ensure they are up to date with any vaccinations, flea treatments and worming. This ensures they don’t carry any unwanted nasties over to the new property.

Recognise Anxiety during the pack

Once you enter the packing phase of the move your dog will already sense that something is out of the ordinary and this can cause anxiety. Keep an eye on their behaviour during this time and be sure to give them plenty of love and affection.

How to have them travel

How you travel with your pets depends on how far you’re moving to, but if it’s a car ride away then it’s best to have pets travel with you so they don’t feel they are alone or being abandoned. Dogs can be very sensitive if they’ve seen everything in the house packed up and then are suddenly alone being moved to an unknown destination. Keep them close if you can.

Help them settle in

Help them get used to the new surroundings by slowly introducing them to each room and the front and back yard. Place their beds and blankets in safe cosy places and places where they can be near you. Scatter their toys around and give them time to get to know their new home.

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