Four Tips To Vacating a Rental Property the Right Way

Four Tips To Vacating a Rental Property the Right Way

When you vacate a rental property, you should leave it exactly as you found it. While fair wear and tear is unavoidable and acceptable, any other damage or extra cleaning will come out of your bond money.

  1. Give Adequate Notice

Check the terms of your lease when vacating your rental property. If you are breaking your lease, there will be fees applicable.You may need to continue to pay the rent until a suitable tenant is found. If you are leaving at the end of the lease you will need to give written notice before your lease term is up. Check your lease thoroughly for vacating notice periods.

  1. Keep Your Rent Up to Date

When you are vacating a rental property, you need to pay your rent right up until the time that you hand over the keys. It does not come out of your bond. Failing to do so can mean that you will not receive a good reference from this landlord or real estate agency, which will affect your chances of renting in the future.

  1. Adhere to Your Checklist for Vacating the Premises

Book your removalists ahead of schedule, ensuring that you have ample time to thoroughly clean the property.

When you give notice to vacate the premises your landlord should give you a checklist for what needs to be done. You can request a list if one is not given. The list is generally one to two pages long and includes items such as cleaning the oven, washing walls, pruning the garden, cleaning windows and tracks, and much more.

You many consider organizing a professional bond clean. Bond cleaners are experienced and knowledgeable about vacation cleans and will ensure that they do everything to get your bond back. Many landlords have bond cleaners that they use regularly and recommend. Always allow adequate time for cleaning.

  1. Shared Responsibility

When you have more than one name on a lease you are co-tenants. The responsibility for the property is shared and you are both responsible for leaving the premises in good condition. If you are the only one vacating the property, ensure that your name is taken off the lease.

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