Four Things to Remember When Moving Televisions

Four Things to Remember When Moving Televisions

Televisions are one of those delicate home appliances that we need to take great care of when moving. One slight drop or bump can be all it takes to damage your television.

When it comes to looking for the right furniture removal services, whether it be interstate furniture removalists or home-based, you need to consider whether they are the right people to move your delicate items.

However, there are things that you can also do to ensure the process runs smoothly.

Have the right moving items

Don’t use just any old box, but use a box that is made for moving items. When it comes to your TV, the box needs to be sturdy enough and big enough. If still in good condition, using the original box that your TV came in would be an ideal box for a TV move.

Don’t forget about the cords

Cords can become a hazard when it comes to moving your TV. They can easily lead to trips and falls, or can become lost during the move. Ensure you unplug them and tie them up with a cord to keep them safe and intact.

Safeguard the screen

Your TV screen is one of the most delicate features of the unit. Scratches can easily occur, and once done can be almost impossible to fix. Use items such as bubble wrap to protect a screen, and also use foam padding on the sides to keep it from moving around.

This is particularly important for when your TV is being transported by interstate furniture removalists – the longer the trip, the more likely an accident can occur.

Ensure you load it correctly

Getting it on and off a furniture removal services’ truck can be when accidents occur. Ensure you never lay a TV on its side. Don’t place the TV on the screen side down. Even the slightest bit of pressure can see cracks or scratches appear.

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