Five Tips for Wrapping Delicate Items for Storage

Five Tips for Wrapping Delicate Items for Storage

Moving can be stressful enough without worrying about any delicate items breaking or getting damaged during the moving or transit process. It can be even more stressful if it’s interstate furniture transport. When it comes to a move, some items we keep and some items are kept in storage, and this wrapping of storage items is something to think about.

When it comes to thinking about how to protect fragile items from wear and tear, the typical protection such as bubble wrap comes to mind.

However, there’s a lot more you can do to ensure your delicate items are stored well.  Here are the top five tips for wrapping delicate items for storage.

Don’t just use any old box

It’s important to invest in the right boxes for your interstate furniture transport. Borrowing boxes from others or using leftovers from the store down the road might sound like a cost-effective idea, but when it comes to storage, old boxes can result in mold buildup and deterioration over time.

Wrap individual items for removalist companies

Most people know to use bubble wrap, but it’s how you bubble wrap that is the key to keeping items safe in storage. Each item should be wrapped individually and easily breakable items, such as glass objects, should be kept away from each other.

Don’t overfill boxes

To save room, many people think that filling boxes to the brim is a way to free up space during storage. But having items piled up on top of one another can be the added pressure that results in a breakage. Also, for interstate removal companies, it can add to the risk when moving items.

Mark boxes as fragile

You may know which boxes contain fragile items, but what about the removalists? What about friends and family? Ensure everyone is aware of what needs to be handled with care by clearly labeling boxes.

Letinterstate removal companies know

Removalist companies will be the ones handling the items the most, from loading to unpacking to storage. Let them know which boxes have the fragile items in it, particularly for cross-country moves. It’s better to say something than not.

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