Five Tips for Relocating an Office

Five Tips for Relocating an Office

  1. Plan, Plan, Plan!

Yes, this may sound like an obvious one, but take it from us; planning is an absolute must! Give yourself at least 3 months to put a clear and concise plan together with all the details of your move. Write a list of all the things you need to remember before move day and check off tasks as you go. This will help you keep a clear mind and will drastically reduce your stress levels.

  1. Get Rid of Things You Don’t Need

We are all guilty of holding on to things longer than we need to from time to time, but don’t be afraid to throw things out before move day. Old electronic equipment, furniture that doesn’t get used, irrelevant data and anything else that has been hanging around the office too long. There is no point in moving junk from one place to another.

  1. Keep Your Customers in The Loop

Whether you’re offline for a day or a week, make sure to give your customers a heads up that you will be closed. A sign on the door won’t cut it when you have customers who have traveled a long way to come in, and if you service clients remotely, they need to know why they can’t get through so always send an email out and give them a heads up.

  1. Update Your Details

Don’t forget to update your office address on your website and anywhere else your company appears online to avoid losing business from an address mix up.

  1. Hire a Removal Company

There’s no escaping the fact that moving house is a massive, stressful job that requires a lot of manpower. Make sure you enlist the help of a professional removal company such as Andersons Removals to help make the process simple.

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