The Five Must Follow Tips to Moving House

The Five Must Follow Tips to Moving House

  1. Start Early

When it comes to moving house, preparation is key. For a smooth, stress-free transition into your new house, make sure you start packing and organize your removalists early; weeks, even months beforehand if possible. You can never be ‘over-prepared’ for moving house. The biggest mistake people make when relocating is leaving things to the last minute and trust us, you don’t be one of those people!

  1. Keep Important Documents Together

Important documents can be easy to misplace, so always keep things such as insurance papers, birth certificates, medical and financial records together and easily accessible. You never know when you might need to access them at a moment’s notice so keep them together and on hand.

  1. Disconnect/Reconnect Utilities

To ensure a smooth transition into your new home, organize the disconnection and reconnection on your utilities as well as any internet, pay TV, phone lines and any other subscriptions you have linked to your address. Sort this out in advance so that you have access to the internet and utilities as soon as you move in.

  1. Consider the Weather

Something people often forget to consider is the weather on move day. While it’s true that sometimes we don’t have much control over the date of the move, where possible, avoid moving in any extreme weather. 40+ degree days are not uncommon in Victoria during summer so check ahead and make sure you won’t be stuck moving boxes in the sweltering heat (or torrential rain).

  1. Update Your Details

Don’t forget to update your address on your license, insurance policies, bank accounts and your mailing address to avoid any hassles if something goes wrong during the move.

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