The Essential Items You’ll Need for Packing for a Move

The Essential Items You’ll Need for Packing for a Move

As part of your full house move plan, a good way to ensure you are completely prepared is by creating a list of items you will need to help with the packing and unpacking. Keep organised by having these essential items on hand.

  1. Varied Box Sizes

A common mistake people make when organising their move is only being equipped with boxes in one size. Give yourself flexibility with your packing by having small, medium and large size boxes so you can keep your smaller items safely packed away together, without having to cram them into the gaps in your larger boxes where they can be broken or damaged.

  1. Clear Tubs

Clear plastic tubs are a fantastic alternative to boxes. They reduce the risk of your items being crushed or damaged, make it easier for you to find things when unpacking and are inexpensive and reusable.

  1. Tape

Don’t underestimate the benefits of packing tape! Make sure you keep tape and a tape dispenser on hand to make life easier when sealing your boxes. Tape is also great for keeping lids on your plastic tubs so they don’t become dislodged during transportation.

  1. Sticker Labels

Stay organised and think ahead by clearly labelling your boxes and tubs with sticker labels. Pack things in categories, mark them as such and do your best to keep them together so you can unpack each room separately.

  1. Packing Material

Bubble wrap, tissue paper and newspaper are essential for keeping your fragile items protected. Wrap your breakable items separately to keep them protected and always mark these boxes ‘fragile’.

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