A Checklist for Moving Interstate

A Checklist for Moving Interstate

Moving is a challenge no matter how far but if you’re moving interstate, it comes with a whole host of further planning that’s required. Here’s a few tips to keep in mind when you’re trying to plan out an interstate move.

  1. Initial Preparation

You need to pick a moving day and lock it in, ensuring everything is ready to go on the day. This is important for any move but an interstate move can have even greater consequences if there’s delays. You want to have your removalists booked at this stage too. Make plans for fragile items and to ensure televisions are moved safely.

  1. The Finer Details

Once you arrive at the new property interstate you are going to want to be sure that all electricity, gas and water is connected upon arrival. Also, the major essentials such as sleeping gear and toiletries should be at easy access for the initial days of arrival. You also need to update your address details with Australia Post, your banks and your medical practitioners.

  1. The Final Stages of the pack

Ensure that water is drained from washing machines and dispose of or store in n esky any food that is still in your fridge. You’ll need to completely defrost the fridge to move so make sure this is actioned. If you’re driving your car interstate for the move then ensure you see a mechanic for a tune-up prior to the move.

  1. Get moving

You need to have everything ready to go on moving day. Ensure everything is dismantled and all boxes packed and labeled for the removalists. Consider what you’ll need first when the trucks are being packed. Ensure all mail and deliveries are stopped and the utilities have been turned off then you should be ready to go.

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