Your Checklist Before the Furniture Removalists Arrive

Your Checklist Before the Furniture Removalists Arrive

So, the move day has finally arrived! You’ve made it to this point but there are still a few things you can do to help ensure the day is as stress-free and productive as possible.

  1. Be Ready to Greet the Removalists

The last thing you want to do on move day is wake up to the sound of the removalists knocking on your door. You will feel like you’re already behind and this will only cause you unnecessary stress. Be up and ready to start, before they arrive.

  1. Organise Your Helpers

Moving house isn’t something you want to do alone so make sure you’ve arranged some friends and family to help. Before the removalists arrive, have a chat with your helpers and give everyone their assigned tasks for the day. Whether that be cleaning, moving boxes, helping lift furniture or any other tasks you can think of. The more hands the better!

  1. Set Aside Cleaning Products

A common mistake people make during the moving process is packing away essential cleaning items they will need during and after move day. Make sure the items you need such as spray and wipe, cloths, vacuum, mop, dusters and whatever else will help with your vacate clean, are set aside.

  1. Ice and Esky’s for Food

Your removalists will try and move your fridge/freezer last to keep your food cool for the majority of the day but during transportation, they will need to be stored in an esky. Make sure you’ve got enough on hand to store all your food.

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